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Office Space, Executive Offices and Executive Suites in Downtown Palo Alto, CA 94301

University Ave. Executive Suites caters to software startups, and to the financial services industry, consultants and other executives who need an exceptionally professional space.  We provide professionally decorated, well maintained, superbly located, furnished office space at the best address in Palo Alto to successful individuals and businesses who want a comfortable working environment with other professionals and who require professionally appearing meeting facilities and headache free Internet and computer networking facilities. .

We have offices and suites for 1-30 people. Growing Companies can move from one office to a larger office as they grow, paying only for the space they need at the time.

We provide offices with:

CURRENT AVAILABILITY: We have one executive view office that holds between 3 people and 6 people that is currently available. We also have one space for tech firms only that holds 8-17 people. We have a small, quiet cubicle that is completely isolated from others, though it does not work for people who use the phone a lot. We can accommodate most any term, as little as 60 days.

We survey the other Executive Suites and keep our prices about 5% under those of other executive suites in Downtown Palo Alto, yet we offer nicer offices and views and a much nicer, view conference room. Executive Suites are usually priced by the person capacity of the office, and the views from that office, not so much by square footage of the office itself. 

Prices include furniture, utilities, janitor, and a fully stocked kitchen.

We are located at 540 University Ave. Palo Alto, CA 94301

Contact us at "inquiries@uasuites dot com".  Please include the type of business you have and the number of people.

Office Space, Executive Offices and Executive Suites in Downtown Palo Alto, CA 94301